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Calling All Girls was intended for younger girls. It began publication in July 1941 after a teen column in Parents’ Magazine produced a positive interest from readers. It was the first magazine for girls. Contents consisted of comics, fashion advice, and short stories. It was originally published four times a year, but soon became published every month. This was because it was popular. By 1945 it was selling 500,000 copies of each issue. The average reader was aged 13. The magazine never appealed to older teens or fashion advertisers because of its emphasis on comics.






Chris Jordan - Midway: Message from the Gyre (2009-current)

I understand that these are horrific, disturbing images and not remotely beautiful.

At first I was under the impression that the albatross remains had been arranged by the photographer around piles of plastic trash; then I read this article and learned that “nesting chicks fill their bellies with plastic as their parents collect and feed them bits that look to them like food. As a result, tens of thousands of albatross chicks die of starvation, choking, internal bleeding and poisoning each year.”

I feel the set deserves posting. 

the lesson here: throw your damn trash in the trashcan instead of just throwing it wherever the hell you feel like, because your actions (or lack thereof) have consequences.


I agree with everything above, but just so y’all knows, there also needs to be pressure on recycling companies to accept more recyclable items.  In the San Francisco bay area, the city takes anything and everything - with their compost, too!  But here in Cincinnati, you can’t do plastic grocery bags, or no. 5 plastics, or certain kind of papers.  If you put them in the recycling bin, Rumpke will take it and just put it in the landfill…

This photo-set is breaking my heart. Yes to the above comment. When I moved out here to Ohio from New England I was very disappointed to find the recycling system out here is very much not enforced, nor as wholly encompassing for recyclable materials as I think it should be. In certain parts on the East coast of the U.S. it’s mandatory to [separate &] recycle almost everything from all types of papers, cardboard boxes, plastic bags, and almost all glass and plastic beverage containers. Unlike here near Columbus where I get endless odd looks just for asking people if they recycle when throwing things away in their houses. There definitely needs to be an improvement with this nationwide, I think, not just here in the midwest, and not only with the companies, but we need a better and more efficient way to inform and educate the public about the proper things and/or ways to recycle. 

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I don’t understand how The Expendables ISN’T about all the ladies from 80’s and 90’s badass action who were killed, maimed and/or spent like fucking currency to buy audience amusement and man-pain narrative.

I mean that’s what they were, the actual expendables. They were spent.

[*growly trailer voice*] AND NOW THEY’RE BACK. AND PAYBACK’S A BITCH.

I would watch the hell out of this.


A new report by British writer/producer Stephen Follows has revealed damning statistics about gender equality in the film industry. The report, entitled “Gender in Film Crews,” analyzed data from 2,000 blockbuster films since 1994 to look at the distribution of roles in film crews between men and women.

According to the report, just 22.6% of all film crew positions are held by women. Women only make up the majority of positions in traditionally female departments such as costume and make-up. Furthermore, women are severely underrepresented in key creative roles: for example, women make up only 5% of all directors on blockbuster films since 1994.

"It’s terrifying. Every time I did a small bit of research I couldn’t believe how unrepresentative the industry was," Follows told The Guardian. “Honestly, when I first saw quite how big the divide was, how overwhelming it was, I went back and did my research again just to double check.”


Jenny Wheatley, Two birds


Jenny Wheatley, Two birds


Community is coming back for a sixth season on Yahoo.




Why are the babies all so bad at flirting?

Obvs, they need to get some advice from Iroh:


Everyone needs advice from Iroh about everything.

—My first girlfriend turned into the moon.

—That’s rough, buddy.

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Everything you need to know about Community in a single, 8 second video.

"We’re Gonna Finally Be Fine" from Community Season 3, Ep. 1.

My sisters and I were singing this a lot on our recent road trip to the Bay Area.

Also, I’m still sad it’s over and I started watching the entire show from the beginning. 

Art for sale!
GUYS. The gluten free baguette from Mariposa in the ferry building TASTES LIKE REAL BREAD. And you can order it online.

"Octopi 1&2"

Just added some abstract watercolors to my Society6 store!

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